A Brave Fox Who Grew Up With Dogs Became A Dog At Heart
Gemma Holdway, a 19-year-old girl, lives with her family on a farm in Bath, Somerset, England. It was in 2018 that his father discovered five two-day-old foxes in
A swimmer was saved from a huge shark by dolphins who formed a circle around him protecting him
There are many people who like to swim with dolphins. These sea creatures are always of interest to good swimmers who want to be with them in the
The Lost Baby Wolf Was Adopted By A Woman And Found His True Happiness In The Human World
In general, pets are dogs and cats. But man can adopt any animal and even befriend wild animals. A young woman called Alida who lives in Russia, brought
Nothing makes sense without her: Dancing millionaire Gianluca Vaki celebrated his adorable daughter’s birthday
Serbian-Italian millionaire Gianluca Vaki, also known as a dancing millionaire, celebrated his adorable daughter’s first birthday. The birth of her daughter, Blu Jerusalema, was a very important event
Animal lover spends a year trying to get to know a stray cat in order to gain her trust
A man, named Lex, is an animal lover. But at first he didn’t like cats very much. Once Lex saw a stray cat and fell in love with
Bully the chihuahua celebrates his twenty-third birthday with his new family: happy birthday to adorable Bully
An elderly dog, named Bully, celebrates his twenty-third birthday. On this occasion, there were large balloons, bone-shaped treats and good food for all the dogs in the house.
Every year this 80-year-old woman rides 1000 km with her disabled dog
Jane Dotchin, an 80-year-old Scottish woman, has an extraordinary habit. 50 years ago, since 1972, she packs her bags, harnesses her horse and leaves home for an epic
German Shepherd dog gives birth to largest litter of puppies in England
For dog lovers, a large litter of puppies is a very pleasant surprise and newborn puppies are never too many. For the staff of an organization called Guide
For twelve years the seagull has been visiting the man who saved his life every day.
Jack Smith, an 80 year old man, lives in the United Kingdom. Twelve years ago Smith rescued a seagull whose leg was broken and the bird couldn’t fly.
This cute baby elephant is one year old and he is spending his birthday playing football
On his birthday, the baby elephant at ZSL Whipsnade Zoo in London was given a gift voucher by zookeepers and the baby celebrated his first year by playing