A curious girl quits her boring job to make her life more beautiful on a boat

Most people like to travel. But there are those who try to make a living by travelling.

For example, pilots, explorers, journalists, sailors and many other people.

There are those who travel with backpacks, doing any job to earn money.

But working while traveling can also have its risks and difficulties.

A TikTok user decided to quit her boring job to travel and live on a cruise ship.

She told her followers that she was going to live on an Alaska SZN cruise ship.

In her publications, she said that it was a beautiful place and that she worked in a store that was on the boat.

The young woman often captured the good times spent on board.

She shared her photos where she was seen in uniform on the deck of the ship.

She also wandered on land, visiting towns and scenic spots.

But apart from all these positive sides, there were of course some inconvenient things, like the working hours which were very long.

In short, the TikTokeuse was happy with her personal experimentation.

She said that although her work on board was tiring, it was at the same time interesting and each day brought a new pleasant surprise.

The girl did not regret the change in her way of life. On the cruise ship, she spent six months.

“I tried taking a risk and I did well,” she said.

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