Lego offers an exceptional game: the world famous canvas The Starry Night in 3D

For 90 years, the Lego group has created thousands of games for young and old, always remaining a unique brand.

Now, the famous Lego offers a collection of products intended exclusively for adults.

The most famous brand of bricks has a very exceptional innovation which is at the same time an esteem to the great world famous painter Vincent van Gogh.

From now on, the admirers of the famous painter can combine brick by brick the famous canvas of the artist “The Starry Night”.

Lego always surprises fans by inventing original novelties like this one.

This idea came to a 25-year-old fanatic, Truman Cheng, whose model won in a community vote.

In 2022, we celebrated the great Dutch painter by presenting one of these recognized paintings.

In the universe of bricks there appeared a fantastic game.

Lego exhibited the Vincent van Gogh-The Starry Night box from Lego Ideas.

The Lego project came to life in collaboration with the modern art museum, MoMa which helped transform the canvas into a three-dimensional invention.

The Lego initiative allows admirers of Gogh without having the slightest talent to paint, recreate without brush, with the bricks, piece by piece, the magnificent painting of the artist.

The magical nocturnal landscape of the village of Provence with its starry sky is gradually revealed.

The game also includes a small figure of Van Gogh with palette and brush.

“We are happy to have brought this set to life thanks to the Museum of Modern Art and the painter’s enthusiasts have the opportunity to become artists,” said Lego’s global marketing manager.

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