A child throws a fit and lies on the ground: a passer-by sees him and lies down next to him

If it happens that on the street someone is in a difficult situation, fortunately, there will be kind-hearted people who will come to help.

Kindness and charity are one of the best human qualities.

Coming to the aid not only of loved ones, but of strangers, even with a small gesture, is an act of generosity.

A young woman, Natalie Fernando, was walking with her five-year-old son near the sea.

Little Rudy, who was suddenly autistic, had a seizure.

These fits happen frequently and the boy becomes aggressive and starts crying.

This time Rudy lay down on the floor and started screaming. And confronting his behavior was not easy for the mother.

Passers-by didn’t want to notice the scene with the child or thought it was just a whim.

But a nice caring stranger, called Ian, approached asking Natalie if everything was okay.

Upon learning what it was, Ian lay down next to the boy to soothe him.

Almost a whole hour the man stayed next to the child and calmed him down. Fortunately, he managed to convince him to get up and walk.

Rudy’s mother made a Facebook post, talking about the incident and the selfless man who stayed with the child patiently calming him down.

Natalie also asked users to be kind enough to help parents in the same situation as her.

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