Princess Diana’s fantastic dress and extraordinary wedding shoes

Before her wedding celebration, Princess Diana looked for brilliant and ingenious masters who could prepare her desired wedding outfits.

And she finally found husband and wife David and Elizabeth Emanuel who made not only her dress, but everything needed for the day, even her shoes.

Princess Diana’s wedding dress was a marvel depicted in fairy tales.

This gorgeous ivory taffeta dress was handmade and had an eight-meter train.

It was intricately embroidered with sequins, ruffled lace and 10,000 pearls and cost $115,000.

It was the most imitated dress, but remains very unique and one of the most famous royal outfits.

If many people knew about this dress, then few of them saw Lady Di’s wedding shoes, because they were hidden under the dress.

These wedding shoes were unordinary which looked like the one from magic tales, also handmade.

The shoes were of silk satin, embroidered with hundreds of pearls and sequins.

Even the inside was embroidered with the letters D and C which were criss-crossed in the shape of a heart.

The princess’s shoes were almost flat, with a small heel, because Princess Diana was tall and without shoes she was the same height as the groom Charles.

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