This is what the teenage heiress of cult actor Cruise and Holmes looks like

Meet Cruise’s 16-Year-Old Daughter And Ex-Wife: How Is She?

It goes without saying that the lives of popular and successful actors, models and celebrities never escape anyone’s attention. Today we will be talking about the 16-year-old daughter of iconic movie star T. Cruise. Many have already predicted a bustling career and great success in the modeling industry for the absolutely unique girl.

Many are of the opinion that Suri is the exact copy of her mother from whom the girl inherited not only in appearance, but also in character, demeanor and even body language.

It is known that the cult actor did not participate in the education of his daughter after this divorce from Holmes. It was not until 2015 that father and daughter met. It is believed that Suri is an easy and unproblematic child.

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