The dog rummaged through the trash and it turned out that she was saving the life of a newborn puppy

A police officer almost comes across a small dog lying in a wastebasket as he leaves his home. It’s not uncommon for people to look for something to gnaw on. I thought, and I set out to work on it. On returning home, he was surprised to find the same dog as his neighbor. He now had something in his hand that didn’t look like food.

Upon closer inspection, the dog had pulled a live puppy out of the box. The little one wiggled his little tail limply and stood helplessly in his new mother’s mouth. So she called on one of the area’s volunteers, Maro Rodríguez.

He came to pick up the baby, but the rescued dog shrugged and started begging him not to take the son he had retrieved.

They decided to leave the puppy with him until he finds a new home.

At the same time, he needed to be fed. Marco contacted people on Facebook who fed the dog at home and asked them to keep him for a while until he felt better.

Within hours, the baby found another “nursing” mother who continued to feed him unconditionally.

Today, the baby is doing well. Is it any wonder that this neglected orphan had so many adoptive parents at once?

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