Cyclist Finds Abandoned Puppies And Transports Them To Safety In His Shirt

Earlier this month, a professional cyclist was training with a friend in Brazil when he hit something in the road. Silva discovered 5 puppies in a deep hole in a cauldron. They were very far apart. Someone had dug a hole and left them there. They were very weak and could not escape. Silva and his partner felt they had to extend a helping hand.

Silva and his friend carefully pulled the dogs out of the hole one by one, then offered them soft drinks. Thanks to the motorcyclists, the puppies now have hope. Silva and her friend had no choice but to carry the puppies to safety. So they put them in their shirts and drove 12 miles back home. After returning home, Silva continued her activities to help the pup regain her strength.

I took him home and took care of him, Silva said. Silva recounted the five puppies he found, and in no time each pup received what they needed most.

They were all adopted by good people who love animals, Silva said. Thanks my God. The heartbreaking scene that took place on a secluded bike path ended with an unimaginably sweet conclusion. There is no better future for these little ones, who were rescued from the brink of death. They will have a better life, says Silva. I’m sure they’ll be well taken care of. I am very happy for them.

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