Couple Find Abandoned Dog In The Middle Of Nowhere And Take Him On Vacation

Megan Mannarelli-Martin and her husband hadn’t been on vacation in several years, but only recently found the time. They run Rafiki’s Rescue and it was hard to say goodbye to them. They also brought three cats that they had taken care of. They took the car and the cats on a trip to rest and recharge their batteries.

When we saw Kevin he was terrified but very eager to be rescued. Mannarelli Martin said: He was very scared. It took an hour to gain his trust. I couldn’t chase him because he got even more scared and started running down the road again. So I sat in the median and waited for an hour for him to come towards me and finally come close enough to cower me.

After making sure Kevin was safe, they put him in the car and removed his microchip. This meant searching local internet forums and contacting area animal shelters to see if any families were looking for him. However, it was decided that the best thing to do was to take her on vacation with us.

We then left, having procured everything we needed to care for the animals. Kevin was understandably scared, but he relaxed by spending time with the rescuers and quickly became the sweetest and most affectionate pup. He adapted very quickly to the situation, says Mr. Mannarelli-Martin. The first night he was very, very scared but very grateful to be safe. The third night, he was so excited to see us that he started jumping in the air.

Kevin’s life is no longer in danger and he doesn’t seem to mind exploring Sequoia National Park with strangers and protected cats. He was happy to be there. In particular, as time passed, he became more and more satisfied and seemed to enjoy every stop along the way.

Therefore, they couldn’t believe how wonderful it was. It’s like they could find it. The trip is over and Kevin is on his way to his foster home. He is doing well and loves to play with his foster siblings, dogs and cats. He will soon find his final home, unless he is placed in a foster family. Megan Mannarell Martin and her husband tried to take a few days off to deal with relief. But they found themselves in the right place at the right time to make a difference in Kevin’s life.

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