This delivery man went to work with his little one in a baby carrier and for this he was rewarded with a new house

A Brazilian, Isaac Nascimento Silva, was filmed going to work with his one-year-old baby sleeping in the baby carrier.

The video was shared on social media and immediately went viral.

The young father worked as a delivery man and his wife also went to work and the father had to take little Victor with him. But the spouses did not earn much.

The caring young dad with a good face, holding his child comfortably, melted the hearts of thousands of people

A famous singer in their city, Romarinho, saw this moving scene and decided to help Isaac’s family.

Romarinho has opened a special page to raise the funds for the needy family to help them achieve their dream: to buy a new house and provide them with normal living conditions.

Many people have made donations so that little Victor grows up in a favorable atmosphere and lives in comfort.

Thanks to the accumulated money, the family has already moved into the new house where they celebrated Victor’s birthday.

By solving the housing problem, the family improved their well-being and now could live in their own house and not pay rent.

Isaac said that before meeting Romarinho, they could only pay the rent and buy milk and diapers for the child.

They barely lived, with the help of his father. And now everything will change. Isaac’s family is very happy and they deserve to be happy.

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