The mother gave birth in a coma and regained consciousness only 2 months after the birth of her daughter

Every woman remembers the moments of her deliveries. But Colvina Jolene must have given birth unconscious.

During her pregnancy, she had a cerebral hemorrhage. She underwent surgery and after the operation fell into a coma.

She regained consciousness only in two months.

The doctors say it was a real miracle, because she had little chance of coming back from the coma. And the baby in her womb was frozen twice.

After coming to her senses, Colvina learned she had a baby girl. Little Maya, like her mom, was lucky to be safe and sound.

When the woman saw her baby for the first time, she was very moved and cried with happiness.

It was at the 23rd week of her pregnancy that the woman felt very powerful headaches.

After losing consciousness, she was taken to hospital by an ambulance and after being examined, she underwent urgent neurosurgery.

And the chances of success of the operation were less.

Later, the surgeons recalled: “It was very dangerous for the baby, since the pressure drops in the brain could damage the fetus.”

Colvina Mari Matt’s husband says: ‘I remember the day quad the neurosurgeon told me they finished the operation and added that he couldn’t remember a case that a patient could survive after that.

I thought I was going to lose my wife and my child.

Fortunately both were saved thanks to the efforts of the doctors.

And now Mari Matt believes in miracles that sometimes happen.

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