The man brought home two abandoned pit bulls from the shelter, and later they showed their gratitude.

Ellabelle and Ladybug, had serious problems. The adorable animals, abandoned by their owners, had a fateful encounter at the shelter.

They were very scared and didn’t want to have any contact with the volunteers, but one day everything changed.

As soon as they met, they realized they were going to welcome two pit bulls instead of the one they had planned.

They quickly became friends and spent a lot of time together. Sure, the dogs took a while to get used to their new home, but they quickly showed their appreciation.

One day Robert was working on his car in the garage when suddenly four people burst in.

One punched the man in the face and demanded the car keys. Three of the intruders were with him and one entered the house to take the keys.

But inside, his faithful pets were waiting for him.

When the intruder was chased away, he jumped out the open door and attacked the others.

The assailant was not injured, but he quickly realized he was no match for two rabid dogs and fled the scene.

Robert was only blinded, but the consequences could have been tragic.

Man has given animals a home, care and affection.

This fact alone allowed him to selflessly attack a herd of aggressive people without caring about his own life.

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