This mother is breastfeeding her little girls, the youngest of whom is two years old and the eldest is five years old

Sophie Mei Lan is a 29-year-old British blogger. She is the mother of two children. Sophie’s charming little girls are five and two years old.

Everyone is surprised that Sophie breastfeeds them until now, despite their rather adult age.

The young blogger is certain that breastfeeding children for as long as possible is very good for their health and for their physical and mental development.

Sophie says breastfeeding has saved her a lot of money on baby food.

To feed her little girls, the woman has a special schedule. The youngest receives her portion of milk 9 times a day and the eldest is fed before going to bed.

In one of her publications, Sophie writes that her little girls love breast milk.

“My milk has a calming effect on my children. They are never nervous. I think I’m doing well,” the blogging mum said.

Once, Sophie was a guest on a popular show where she talked about her breastfeeding experiences.

But not all mothers agreed with Sophie. She was even criticized.

Some women found that feeding breast milk too long is meaningless and can damage the physical and mental health of children.

And it’s not right for a five-year-old child to suck his mother’s breast.

However, Sophie is sure that breast milk is very effective for the health of children and that it stabilizes their immune system and even fights against allergies.

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