This is how the appearance of celebrities differs radically from reality and thanks to “Instagram makeup”

Appearance of popular stars changes beyond recognition with touch-ups

The majority of celebrities always want to look flawless and possess no blemishes so they undertake everything possible: putting on makeup, undergoing surgeries, visiting cosmetologists and editing their photos using Photoshop and retouching.


Roberts fans were used to seeing the legendary actress in the movie “A Pretty Woman”, where she was at the height of her popularity and was unrealistically beautiful. While we know that absolutely no one can escape the aging process and age-related changes.

Many rush to put on filters and use beauty effects in order to become perfect, while the stars immediately lose their uniqueness.

Mr. Bellucci

Monica is believed to have “beautiful” facial features, ie. a sharp chin, thick lips and a small nose.


Even without using Photoshop and beauty filters, Jolie is already considered the most beautiful woman on Earth. Needless to say, the actress doesn’t really need makeup and photo editing.

However, her fans are used to seeing their beloved movie star for who she is.

J. Aniston

It seems the iconic actress has changed beyond recognition and will never be the same again.

With photo editing and “artificial” makeup, celebrity does not look like her.

L. Lohan

Lindsey might have looked that way if she hadn’t suffered from her harmful addiction.

The way Photoshop changes people’s appearance is something extraordinary


Many believe that with these beauty effects, the actress looks like Russian model I. Shayk. The two stars have become so similar.


In this photo, Shakira doesn’t really look like herself. The interpreter seems to be quite an ordinary person.

B. Hadid

The “Instagram makeup” has been put on the face of the diva.

D. Johnson

Made up or not, the talented actress will never cease to please her followers.

Of course, the star looks much better in the photo with Photoshop, while she looks great in real life too.

S. Gomez

No one can claim that Selena is the icon of beauty and femininity for millions when her face looks quite different with photo editing.

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