This 91-year-old veteran was eating alone before this waiter’s act of kindness won many hearts.

Working as a waiter is a very tiring and difficult job. Many people want to make new friends but struggle to find the time to interact with customers.

However, there are exceptions. That exception is Dylan Tetil.

One day an elderly man was sitting at a cafe table. Dylan suddenly knelt down in front of the old man.

Next to him at the table sat a woman named Lisa, who was worried about what was going on. He was told the man was a 91-year veteran.

She explained that she lost her hearing during World War II and forgot her hearing aids. She also apologized for talking so much because Dylan had no one to talk to.

So Dylan knelt down so he could communicate.

When the young waiter asked the old man to sit down and let him talk. The man agreed and they chatted for a while. The man told her stories about his working life and what it was like to be deaf.

Lisa shared the photo and the story on social media. Dylan’s acting received hundreds of rave reviews.

Users thanked the young waiter for his kind demeanor and said even a ten-minute chat meant a lot to the elderly.

The combination of veteran and server is really great.

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