The dog refuses to leave the cardboard box in which he was abandoned and awaits the return of the owner

Dogs are very loyal and loving creatures. Any pet owner can confirm this. However, unfortunately, there are times when dogs are devoted to people who don’t deserve it at all.

So it was a puppy that was thrown into a box in the sweltering heat of the street, and he faithfully waited for his owner to return.

The dog was found by Dallas Dog, a non-profit dog rescue organization.
They say a 10 month old puppy was left on the side of the road and he wouldn’t come out of that box. He just sat there waiting, hoping his owner would come back for him. He refused to move even though the temperature was above 104°.

Fortunately, the dog was found by a kind person who called the rescuers and gave him some water. The rescue team came and took him away, even though the dog refused to leave. The dog was named Harvest because the box it was found in was for harvesting. The workers took the dog away with the box because he didn’t want to come out.

He considered this box his safe place. Dallas Dog immediately started looking for a family for the harvest, because he needed love. Luckily, they found him quickly. And soon I changed the cardboard box for a bed.

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