The couple spotted the suitcase on the way and realized it was full of puppies

Last week, a couple were driving on a highway in North Carolina when they saw something strange. An abandoned suitcase sat on the road ahead and it seemed to be moving.

The couple slowed their car and that’s when they saw him, a small nose barely sticking out of the open corner of the bag. They quickly opened the suitcase and were shocked to find four friendly puppies inside.

The couple grabbed the puppies and went to Guilford County Animal Services. A shelter worker who met them in the parking lot didn’t believe them at first when they said they found a suitcase full of puppies. It was so strange. But then he noticed the four little faces.

“We were all shocked that someone did this,” a staffer told The Dodo.

The puppies, all female, were hesitant to trust their new guardians, thinking perhaps these strangers would abandon them as well. Since arriving at the shelter, they have been carefully acclimatized and the friendly rescue staff have slowly taught them what love is.

“They are very scared and shy,” a representative from the shelter said. “The medical team say they haven’t had a lot of human socialization so our staff are interacting and playing with them.”

The Rescue Team gave the Cubs luggage and travel-related names: Tumi, Samsonite, Stowaway, and Karion (as in “carry on”).

Once the puppies have completed their medical evaluations and socialization, they will be put up for adoption and given the chance to reunite with their forever families.

Although these puppies were once dumped, thanks to the clever eyes of two good Samaritans, they’ll never have to worry about being left behind.

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