The boy with the highest IQ on the planet is already 21: he doesn’t like to talk about his abilities

When we talk about high IQ, we always remember the great physicist Albert Einstein, whose IQ was extremely high and was 160 points.

But Ainan Cowley, a boy from Singapore, as a child already had an IQ of 262.

According to their parents, the young man spoke his first word at one month.

At six months, he was already walking and the parents understood that their son was a very special child.

Being still small, Ainan was fond of chemistry and he passed a first grade chemistry exam with excellent marks.

The child prodigy had an exceptional memory.

At a very young age, he was already studying chemistry at the University of Singapore. He was called a real genius, because he surprised everyone with his phenomenal abilities.

Yet the boy himself was very modest and had no ambitions.

Now Ainan Cowley is an excellent chemistry specialist and teaches at the University where he studied.

The 21-year-old is a highly valued teacher and loves sharing his knowledge with his students and colleagues.

He often visits foreign countries to participate in scientific seminars.

But the nice professor does not like to talk about his extraordinary skills and prefers to remain in the shadows although he is very advanced in the field of chemistry.

Ainan makes music, he plays basketball. He is very sociable and likes to spend his time with his friends.

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