The 10-year-old dog became a parent to nine orphaned ducklings by showing them his care and love

Family is the most precious thing we have. The definition of a family is very simple: a group of two or more people related by birth. But certain unavoidable circumstances, sometimes, can change this definition. A family, whose members belong to different species. This is exactly the case of our hero of this story.

Meet Fred, an adorable Labrador, living with his large family at Mountfitchet Castle. This friendly dog’s humans are Jo and Jeremy, who are animal lovers, and have adopted many rescued animals.
So Fred was like a big brother to all these animals, who had a difficult past. He was always beside them, helping them and guarding them.

One day, nine little ducklings were found near the castle, wandering alone, without their mother. It was very strange, so the castle staff started looking for the ducklings’ mother in the surrounding area. The search did not yield any results, so the staff came to the conclusion that she, perhaps, was prey for a fox.

Fearing that the little creatures would suffer the same fate, they took them to their big family.
The day Fred first met the ducklings, he showed them a peculiar behavior. He began to take care of them, taking them under his paw. Every time the dog goes, the ducklings follow him, they think he is their father.

Not only do they sleep and eat together, but they also swim together.
Fred helped the little ducklings through the pain of losing their mom. Their unique bond has proven that a family can be built on pure, unconditional love and comfort and compassion.

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