Social media is amazed at a woman who plays the violin with one hand

A Japanese woman who can play the violin with one arm has become the topic of discussion on social media.

Her name is Nanami Yan. Nanami is a nurse, but she loves music. The one-armed woman managed to make her sacred dream come true.

She plays the violin with her only hand. He is missing his right arm.

The woman does this while holding a prosthesis on her shoulder. A bow is attached to this special device.

When you hear her music, at the beginning, it is impossible to imagine that she only uses one hand to play.

Lately, a video of the woman, shared by a Facebook user, has gone viral.

Within days, views of the video reached over ten million.

It seems implausible. But it’s the plain truth.

Instead of her right arm, the mechanical device that is attached to her shoulder allows her to play beautiful melodies like an ordinary violinist.

Before playing, Nanami starts practicing a little and then starts playing.

At this time, she seems a little clumsy, but from the first moments, the concern about the woman’s game disappears entirely.

She moves her right shoulder, allowing the instrument to create harmonious and magical music.

Apart from her violin, Nanami Yan also loves swimming. She is a wonderful mom and adores her child.

Meet Nanami and a snippet of her admirable acting!

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