Senior cat Rigby helps owner take care of foster kittens

A cat named Rigby appeared in Holly Bruckhauser’s house about 6 years ago.
The girl’s family took this green-eyed mustache to a shelter. They already had a pet cannon, so Holly hoped the cats would become great friends.

A year later, the girl began to engage in foster care and brought home small kittens. And then Rigby’s true calling was revealed. He turned out to be a wonderful whiskered nanny for all the kittens.

As soon as the first adoptive babies entered the house, the cat went to visit them. And then he lay down next to them and started licking each little one. And he did it so gently and skillfully, like a real mother cat.

If orphaned cats are placed in foster care, Rigby is especially kind to them. Holly came up with an original method for feeding babies who are motherless. The girl puts a bottle of milk on the body of the cat Rigby and the baby begins to eat from it, while the paws rest on the belly of her nanny.

When a mother cat with babies is in foster care, Rigby does not interfere in raising the babies. When the kittens grow up and start running, the nanny plays with them and becomes mum’s assistant.

Currently, Holly has a cat Milly with her six babies, as well as five orphans. Milly not only feeds and takes care of her young, but also the single ones. Rigby helps him in this case. When Milly leaves for lunch or wants to take a break, the cat takes her place.

Rigby is ready to put up with the kittens’ games for hours when they pull her tail and try to bite her ears. And babies love their kind “caregiver” so much.

Rigby is very happy when new babies appear in the house. After all, she has someone to look after and take care of.

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