Rescued squirrel continues to visit his humans every day after being released into the woods for over 8 years

When we talk about friendship between animals and humans, we first imagine a bond with a man and a dog. But, of course, there are so many stories of unusual friendships of human beings with other types of animals, like this one.

Meet Bella, a wildlife representative, who became best friends with Brantley Harrison’s family.
It happened after she was rescued by a rescue group and given to the Harrison family, who took care of the injured little squirrel.

The rehabilitation process lasted a few months, then the family planned to release her into the woods. The family literally gave Bella a second chance at life. She was raised with the other squirrels the family had at the time in the outdoor cage. As soon as Squirrel was healthy again, she was released back into the wild.

Harrisons didn’t expect to see her again, but something interesting happened the next day. Bella returned to visit the family, who saved her life and gave her their love and care for several months. She continued to do so for over 8 years.

The grateful squirrel was so attached to her kind humans, who treated her like their pet, that she couldn’t imagine her life without seeing them every day. So the family has continued to feed her for over 8 years now, and Bella comes every day to receive her nuts and fruit.

One day Bella had a special visit, this time she needed the Harrisons’ help. It was discovered that she was pregnant and had also injured her foot. The family immediately took her home and kept her in their home for a month, helping Bella recover and raise her cute little babies.

This story proves how amazing animals are, how loyal and grateful creatures are.

Watch the video below to learn more about Bella.

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