Here are the legendary actors and actresses of “The Blue Lagoon” after more than four decades

Here’s how the cast of ‘The Blue Lagoon’ has changed after 40 years

B. Shields and Ch. Atkins were at the height of their meteoric career and huge success in the movie industry thanks to their roles in this legendary romantic story depicting the lives of people living on a desert island.

No matter how many times you watch the cult movie, you will always have emotions and not get tired of it at all. Every time you watch, he really seems to be the very first. Due to the main role played by Brooke, the film gained worldwide fame and success on the screens of millions of viewers. The actress was even considered the prettiest young girl in cinema.

The charming movie star already has 40 years of experience in her career. The woman gave birth to two children, but still manages to look simply stunning.

What concerns Christopher, he will soon be 60 years old and has become a talented screenwriter and a successful film director. It is worth noting that the actor was awarded in 1980.

He has participated in several series and television shows. Currently, the actor owns a pool installation business as well as a sports store.

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