A unique friendship between two different animals like the Golden Retriever and the little guinea pig

There are so many stories about friendship between animals. It is particularly interesting the cases where this friendship is between two different species. The more different the animals, the more unique their bond. Such a special connection was born between a Golden Retriever and a cute guinea pig.

Here are the heroes of our story: caring Pippin and adventurous Frankenstein.
Although they are very different, Retriever is gentle and calm, and Frankenstein is very cheerful, they get along very easily.

Little Frankenstein follows his four-legged friend wherever she goes. He seems to be his shadow.
If Pippin is in the yard, Frank is there too. Pippin is in the bus, Frank is there too. But that doesn’t worry the friendly dog. Pippin is like a protector for Frank.

If Frank is hiding under the bad guy, only Pippin can force him out of there. But the favorite thing for the cute guinea pig is the nap. He likes to cuddle comfortably under his long lush fur, as if it were his pillow.

This unique pair has captured the hearts of followers on Instagram, where they have over 60,000 followers.
Please watch the video below and learn more about this wonderful and unusual pair!

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