A fertile mare surprised her owner by giving birth to two sets of twins in 1.5 years

The 19-year-old beat all odds after giving birth to her second set of twins, 18 months after giving birth to her first pair. It is very rare for a horse to give birth to twins in its lifetime, even a single one twice in a row. But fate rejected the chance in a million, surprising everyone, even the owner.

Tanya McKee, owner of Gasssons Farm Stud in Exeter, UK, was stunned when Destiny gave birth to twins in 2018, so you can imagine how she must have felt when 18 months later, judging by this, the sea gave birth to another set of twins. only one baby was detected by CT during pregnancy. If the first pair of foals was identical, this time the two babies have some differences, but they are still adorable.

The proud horse breeder took to Facebook to share the incredible news with the world.

“Our fantastic Marine Destiny has again produced a fine pair of foals.” – says the message. “Fate and her two foals were on their feet and all three were quickly enjoying their hard-earned fodder, with both children running around the stable and surveying the surroundings… only one piece of fruit was to be found. At no time during her pregnancy was there any doubt that anything unusual had happened.

Fortunately, both foals are in very good shape and Tanya feels nothing but relief and gratitude. However, he is still trying to find an explanation for this incredibly rare occurrence.

“This is amazing. I have been breeding for many years and have never heard of anything like this before,” he said. “It was surreal. I can’t believe they were healthy. They are healthy and strong foals. They are very cheeky.”

The adorable twins, who have yet to be named, live on a farm with their older brother Shockwave and Masta Blasta.

In the photo below you can admire the father of the foals, the magnificent Lord of the Dance.

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