The 42-year-old mothered many babies who were monozygotic quadruplets: 1 in 13 million cases

Life is full of surprises. And it is very pleasant when its unexpected events rejoice people and make them happy.

Kimberly Fugat, a 42-year-old woman, lived with her loving husband and adorable daughter in Jayess, Mississippi.

But one day it turned out that she was pregnant already 13 weeks ago.

And when she went with her husband Craig to the hospital for an ultrasound, the doctor discovered that Kimberly was going to give birth to a triplet.

The couple were surprised by this unexpected news. And especially his age was worrying.

But anyway, the spouses began to prepare for the arrival of their babies.

Kimberly gave birth in the seventh month of pregnancy.

But to the amazement of maternity staff and Kimberly herself, instead of triplets, the woman gave birth to the fourth child, also a girl.

The quadruplets were born safe and sound.

But what was also very surprising, the babies were univitelline all four, that is to say from the same egg, which happens 1 in 13 million.

Although the little ones felt better, they spent three months in the hospital, under medical supervision.

And then the four lovely little girls were sent home.

Now Kimberly and Craig feel very happy. Spouses believe that babies are a wonderful gift from heaven for their family.

They can’t imagine their life without their adorable little girls.

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