Siamese twins’ parents share their unusual story: They hope for the best

Hannah and Dan live in County Antrim, Northern Ireland.

They were very happy, because they were going to become parents. After a CT scan, it turned out that the couple would have twins.

So they went to see a doctor at a local clinic.

Looking at the photo taken, the doctor said that the babies were not ordinary children, but conjoined twins.

This was surprising news for the couple and they were very confused.

Finally, Hannah gave birth to conjoined twins at 35 weeks pregnant. The girls were very cute, but unfortunately merged.

Isabelle and Annabelle were feeling well and although the couple said they knew little about the conjoined twins, the babies were surrounded by care and love from their parents.

The children had different hearts, but the little ones were fused from breast to pelvis and had the same colon, bladder and other fused organs.

Doctors said separation of the limbs would be possible. The couple hoped that the operation would yield good results.

Currently, Hannah and Dan are awaiting their turn for the operation of her conjoined twins.

The spouses are worried, but they trust the doctors and still hope that Isabelle and Annabelle’s operation could succeed.

The babies’ mother says: “The little girls have a great desire to live and it is a real miracle that they are so lively and have no illnesses. »

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