Meet Jolie’s mother from whom the actress inherited her beauty

Here at what Hollywood actress Jolie’s late mother looked like in her youth

It’s no secret that the unrealistic beauty of actress and director Jolie is admired by millions of people around the world. She is considered one of the most beautiful and feminine women on our planet. While we have to keep in mind that the actress inherited her mother’s beautiful features and their genes actually played a huge role.

Her mother was Marcheline Bertrand who was born in 1950 and worked as an actress. She first married J. Voight who was also an actor and Oscar nominee.

After getting married, Bertrand put an end to her career in the film industry in order to devote herself to her family. The couple had two children: James and Angelina. According to Jolie, her mother was not only unearthly beautiful, but also kind and generous.

Unfortunately, the couple divorced and the woman started dating B. Day. Since 2002, the former actress was married to T. Bessamre. The iconic woman passed away due to a serious illness in 2007.

Did you know anything about Jolie’s mother?

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