Kameroun Mares has finally found his lost dog Semper Fidelis after two years of relentless search

Kameroun Mares has finally found his lost dog Semper Fidelis after two years of relentless search.
It’s so touching to see two hearts come together. Husky, who was the beloved pet, once went missing. A woman tried to find him wherever possible. Finally, after two years, she found him.

When Kameroun first met Semper, he was an adorable little pup. It was a very difficult period of life for this nice woman, she was fighting against cancer. Semper was a very good companion who seemed to comfort her and somehow gave her the power to fight for her life.

The puppy’s name Semper Fidelis meant “Always Faithful,” and that meaning was typical of his dog’s personas. He was a very loyal and loving pet. Just some kind of pet she’s always dreamed of.

The adorable pair were inseparable and everything was so good. But in 2016, something serious happened.
Kameroun had to travel to California to continue her treatment, but could not take Husky with her. She had to leave him in place of her roommate, hoping that she would take care of her beloved pet.
Shortly after, she received a call with horrible news: her dog got lost.

She immediately began the search for her pet. She did everything in her power to find the missing dog: online ads, flyers across town, help from neighbors and friends. But his search yielded no results.

Although strong women never gave up, she hoped that one day she would meet her dog. She continued to search for Semper, calling different places: shelter, vet, human societies, etc. She even resorted to the help of a private detective.

After all, it turned out that in April 2016 a woman added her name to Semper’s chip. The dog was listed for sale with a $200 tag. Later, Kameroun discovered that it was his ex-roommate who had sold his dog.
Fortunately, she found her beloved Husky. She was so excited to meet him after two years apart.

See the heartwarming scene of their reunion in the video below!

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