A young Indian man managed to twist his arms and legs at any angle

This Indian called Yash Shah is a very special young man. The Guinness Book of Records nominee is a true champion.

But what he practices is not an ordinary sport, neither gymnastics nor athletics.

It is something breathtaking that goes beyond human nature itself.

Yash Shah was born when his parents were already 40 years old.

Although he was the only child in the family, he was not spoiled at all. He loved studying and training.

Being an extraordinary boy, he never dreamed of becoming rich and famous. The exercises he does are only for his pleasure.

Yash Shah has decided to become a computer scientist and he loves his future profession.

This guy manages to turn his head 180 degrees. He bends and rotates his shoulders and arms 360 degrees.

It’s so amazing, but Yash turns his shoulders, wrists, and any limb from every angle.

And exercising so diligently, fortunately, he never hurt his limbs.

The young Indian started his training when he saw a famous acrobat on YouTube.

The boy was delighted with the athlete’s performance, with his ability to use his body.

He, too, began to train. He didn’t have a teacher and he practiced by studying videos.

He managed to develop his methods of monitoring the body.

Soon Yash Shah will enter the Guinness Book of Records. He wants to glorify his country.

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