“Who is the cutest in the world?” – 11 weird female beauty standards from around the world

Each person has their own idea of ​​beauty. But generally, these ideas are the same for people living in the same region, practicing the same religion, following the law of the same state.

The standard of a certain country may seem strange and incomprehensible to us, but despite everything, we must respect other cultures and values, whatever they may be. Today we have prepared for you a list of beauty standards in some countries of the world.


The real Irish were redheaded, pale, with green eyes. But today it is not often possible to meet a representative of this nation with such an appearance. Therefore, the Irish sacredly honor the memory of their ancestors, rejoicing in people with this appearance.


Besides the fact that white girls with big eyes and straight noses are beautiful in this country, there is another strange criterion. It’s strange, but in the land of the rising sun, a girl must have crooked teeth to be noticed. Therefore, many women go to the dentist to straighten their teeth.


This country is the leader in rhinoplasty, because almost all girls get beautiful noses. It is the beautiful facial features, especially the straight nose, that are considered the main measure of beauty here.

South Korea

And Korean women strive for heart-shaped faces, which is considered a beauty standard in this country. In addition, naturalness and a delicate face are valued in Korea. Like in Iran, most girls here also undergo plastic surgery.


The representatives of this country believe that it is necessary to be as close as possible to nature, natural. The reason is that there has been a negative attitude towards hygiene products and cosmetics since the Middle Ages.


Everyone longs for beautiful straight eyebrows, but not Tajiks. Thick, unkempt eyebrows are popular in this country. Almost all girls build their eyebrows, top them up to make them as thick as possible.

Saudi Arabia

Arab women are well aware of all eye makeup methods to drive men crazy with just one look. And the reason is that the rest of the body and face are closed, only the eyes are visible.


Girls in this country should avoid the sun so as not to suddenly burn, because the main standard of beauty in this country is pale skin, which almost all Chinese women are looking for.


This is where those thick rings are worn around the neck, which should be as long as possible. Of course, it is very painful and uncomfortable, but whatever you do, beauty requires sacrifice.

New Zealand

If the representatives of this country do not have tattoos, they will be considered ugly and no one will marry them. Here, tattoos are more valuable than jewelry, so girls get tattoos from childhood.


The larger the clay disc to be placed in the lower jaw, the more beautiful the woman. Imagine what it’s like for women who have a similar disc in their mouths.

And what is the strangest standard of beauty in your country?

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