Top 7 touching movies that it is impossible to watch without tears.

Choosing a really good movie for a Sunday night can take hours. At Interesting to know, we have decided to help you and have selected 7 touching films that will make you feel emotion.

1. Love Story, 1970
A young man, a student at a prestigious college from a very wealthy family, falls in love with a student from a family of very modest means, they get married, live both unpleasant moments and happy moments, but suddenly, for no reason, the young wife suddenly and mortally ill.

2. Rainman, 1988
Charlie, a gruff, selfish young rake, had nothing but rose bushes and a ’49 Buick as an inheritance from his father. A sudden “surprise” for him was the discovery that the lion’s share of the inheritance had been left by his father to his autistic brother Raymond.

Determined to take away his “fair share” of the family fortune, Charlie kidnaps his older brother and holds him hostage. But what he selfishly crafted turns into a magical odyssey of friendship and self-understanding that pushes the boundaries of Raymond’s isolated world, and Charlie allows him to break free from the chains of his once callous soul.

3. “And in my soul I dance”, 2004
Michael is 24 years old and he spent most of his life in a home for the handicapped, where he ended up with cerebral palsy. He meets a new patient at the clinic, Rory O’Shea, who is in a wheelchair due to muscle atrophy. Like Michael, he is virtually unable to move, but that doesn’t stop Rory from enjoying life in his own way. His courage and his indifference to the blows of fate become an excellent example for Michael.

4. “In pursuit of happiness”, 2006
Chris Gardner is a single father. While raising a five-year-old son, Chris goes out of his way to ensure the child grows up happy. Working as a salesman, he cannot pay the rent and they are evicted.
Once homeless, but unwilling to give up, the father gets a job as an intern at a brokerage firm, hoping to get a specialist job. Only during the internship will he not receive any money, and the internship lasts 6 months…

5. “Marley and me”, 2008
A young journalist with his wife moves to another city for a new job. They have big plans: to buy a house, children… But first they have a dog. Who would have thought that this would be the main test of their lives.

6. “Life is beautiful”, 1997
During World War II in Italy, Jews, a father and his grandson, were sent to a concentration camp. His wife, an Italian, voluntarily followed them. In the camp, the father told his son that everything around was a very big game for the price of a real tank, which would go to the boy who could not attract the attention of the guards. He did everything to make his son believe in the game and stay alive, hidden in the barracks.

7. “Die young”, 1991
Hilary O’Neal is dumped by her boyfriend and decides to radically change her life. Hilary gets a job nursing a brilliant man who is dying of leukemia.
Gradually, mutual sympathy turns into a fiery passion, but this love is doomed, because an incurable disease gains strength…

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