This girl’s future husband cannot see, and what she did at their wedding will simply amaze you.

On her wedding day, Kelly Ann decided to repeat the dress trick she wore on their first date for her future husband. A special detail to help her husband “feel” his lover’s figure.

Kelly Ann and Anthony Ferraro met in 2018. The man was returning from a judo tournament in Tokyo and had been invited by a friend to a beach party that Kelly Ann was attending.

The man and woman struck up a conversation and felt a special bond. After this meeting, Anthony invites his new acquaintance to his first official meeting, the New York premiere of his documentary.

This image of the difficult journey of a man who emerged from an unsuccessful sports career resonates deeply with Kelly Ann. They become friends and he proposes to her.

Kelly Ann and Anthony’s wedding took place in early October. The bride had been preparing for the wedding for several months.

The girl wanted the groom to “see” her with his hands. Anthony was asked to design a “tactile” wedding dress, with lots of textures and details that you can touch with your fingers.

Kelly Ann ordered a delicate open-back dress in chiffon and lace, embellished with woven flowers and a velvet belt, from a local bridal salon.

As the bride walked down the aisle towards her groom, she whispered something to him. Touch the Dress, Touch the Dress, Touch the Dress” Anthony was thrilled to be able to ‘see’ the dress and imagine the bride.

This special moment from the ceremony was captured by their photographer, David Gannon.

Moreover, the girl previously wrote a letter in the dark declaring her love for Anthony.

Kelly Ann was in charge of the groom’s security. The ceremony took place outdoors under a tent with a dome supported by metal poles.

The bride was so thoughtful that she wrapped it in kindling and decorated it with a bouquet of flowers. This reduces the risk of Anthony hitting metal and injuring himself.

The couple conducted an interesting experiment: Guests at the event were asked to put opaque masks over their eyes and share Anthony’s feelings about the food and events around them.

And a lot of people took advantage of it.

According to Anthony, there is no better party. “The fact that he thought of everything and made sure I could manage my marriage was irreplaceable. Kelly Ann is my best friend and as I always say she is the eyes through which I see the world,” the groom says of his impression.

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