Proof of undying love: 93-year-old man dines with photo of his late wife

Clarence Purvis and Carolyn Todd of Glennville, Georgia were married in 1949.

During their first meeting, they had a crush and this love was not only for life, but remained immortal.

Currently, Clarence who is already 95 years old, is a widower. He lost his beloved wife 11 years ago, after living together for 63 years.

In the city, everyone knows Clarence as an eternal lover.

When the man goes to the restaurant for lunch, the photo of his sweetheart is always with him. He puts it on the table while eating to feel the presence of his darling.

The staff at Smith’s Diner are very familiar with this somewhat odd man who lunches with his wife’s photograph.

All 63 years they have been inseparable, full of love and tenderness for each other.

“We had lunch, we watched television, we went to bed, we loved each other. What more do we want?

She was with me in her lifetime and currently with me as well,” Clarence Purvis told WTOC.

The man’s heart is full of memories and he devotes a lot of time to his late wife who is still alive for him.

Clarence’s dedication knows no bounds and he amazes everyone and Smith’s Diner restaurant owner, Joyce James.

At home, Purvis keeps several photos and keepsakes of his lovely wife.

And a lamp is still lit in front of one of Caroline’s photos.

“No one loves each other so much as we love each other, I miss her so much,” Purvis said.

The eternal lover visits the tomb of his love a few times a day, as he says, 120 times a month.

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