French song legend Edith Piaf had an unordinary childhood: some overlooked facts from her childhood

“The Édith sparrow has become a Phoenix”, as Édith Piaf was described by the famous actress Marlene Dietriche. It is that piaf in Parisian slang means sparrow.

And really, that the sparrow Piaf has become a legendary celebrity of French song.

The performer of formidable songs was born in 1915 in a poor district of Paris.

Her father Louis Gassion was a traveling circus artist and her mother Annetta Maillard had a beautiful voice and sang in cabarets.

There are sources that prove that the child was born with a cataract, completely blind. The doctors failed to do anything.

And a blindfold helped silver nitrate solution leak from his eyes.

At that time, the three-year-old girl lived in a brothel with her maternal grandmother who worked there as a cook.

It looks like the little one had started to see after a pilgrimage.

Before living in the brothel, when her parents divorced, Edith was taken to her maternal grandmother who did not take care of her, who kept her in the dirt and did not bathe her at all.

It was even said that instead of milk, the child’s bottles were filled with wine.

And after learning all this, the girl’s father took her to her mother Louise, the one who worked in the brothel.

The women who worked in this establishment took care of Edith, at least here the girl ate and dressed well.

She left this place at age seven and went to live with her father, a circus artist.

At 15, Edith left her father and began her career as a singer in the streets of Paris where the famous “kid from Paris” met her first great love.

So continued the tumultuous life of the fascinating artist Édith Piaf.

The world-famous talented singer left this world at the age of 47.

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