Elizabeth Taylor’s Grandchildren: How They Look Today and Whether They Inherited Their Grandmother’s Beauty

Elizabeth Taylor has gone down in history as one of Hollywood’s finest actresses.

She passed away in 2011 at the age of 79, but her sense of style and fashion was passed down to her grandchildren.

Besides, Elizabeth has ten! What happened to them? Do they now look like their star grandmother?

Naomi Taylor.

Naomi says Elisabeth taught her to love accessories and to experiment with clothes.

Now 46, her granddaughter works as a stylist and remembers her childhood with gratitude and respect.

“I used to visit my grandmother several times a year. Those were the best days! I spent many hours in his dressing room. Some of his clothes were branded, others were modest, bought at the market. When she opened her jewelry box, it was amazing. Each piece of jewelry had a story. Elizabeth didn’t think it was hers, but she thought it was part of her journey,” says Naomi, who was inspired by the happy days she spent with her grandmother.

She added: “Elizabeth Taylor was a true philanthropist and wanted to make a difference for all women. If she liked something, she gave it away.

Laela Wilding.

Elizabeth’s first granddaughter spent a lot of time with her grandmother.

Laela recalls the center of attention being a relative star. She never singled out her grandchildren and had a warm relationship with each of them.

Laela learned about cosmetics and makeup from her grandmother. Elizabeth also helped her master complex hairstyles.

The granddaughter of an actress pursues her sense of beauty in a creative profession. She works as a graphic designer in the United States.

Quinn Teavee.

Many people have noticed that Taylor’s 35-year-old grandson is the only descendant to inherit his grandmother’s looks. She also has a creative side, indulging in photography and painting.

Elizabeth Carson.

Elizabeth Carson’s mother adopted the actress when she was three years old. Although her granddaughter was not a member of the family, she spent time with her like any other child.

Elizabeth Carson recalls not wanting to leave her grandmother as a child. However, it was not the love of glamor that she inherited from the famous actress.

She remembered her strong sense of justice and humanity. Carson now works for the US Department of Children’s Services and works closely with Taylor’s charity.

Andrew Wilding.

Unlike his children, Andrew had a difficult childhood. When he was six months old, his mother discovered that he was infected with HIV.

She took the children and fled to New York. There, he started taking drugs.

However, Andrei has no bad habits and has grown into a decent human being. He followed in his grandmother’s footsteps and found a job as a photographer in Hollywood.

Tarkin Wilding.

Like Andrew, Tarquin decided to pursue a career in the film industry. He worked as a director and completed several projects.

He fondly remembers his grandmother. In interviews, she often says that people admire her generosity in helping people with AIDS. We want to perpetuate his legacy by paying homage to him.

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