Doctors advised mum to leave her baby in an orphanage but she didn’t give up on her

Kennedy, a young girl, has battled illnesses since birth.

When his mother Renee was pregnant, doctors said the child would be born with Down syndrome.

They advised her to leave the baby in an orphanage after delivery, as he would need special care that would require a lot of effort and attention.

But Renée has decided never to abandon her daughter, to take care of her as much as possible and to offer her a better life.

After Kennedy was born, it became apparent that the child with Down syndrome also had leukemia.

The little one had to fight against serious illnesses and fortunately, she managed to triumph over leukemia.

The girl with willpower grew up and wanted to have a life full of joy and happiness.

Her favorite activity was dancing. She even participated in different competitions.

The girl was also fond of modeling and had successes in this field too.

It featured major brands. Her adorable smile filled people’s hearts with peace and tenderness.

Kennedy fell in love with a young man with Down syndrome, named Matthew.

Their love was mutual. The couple wanted to show everyone that people born with Down syndrome or other syndromes also need to live their lives to the fullest.

Kennedy managed to achieve incredible results in all walks of life.

Her Instagram page has thousands of followers who follow her successes and admire her beauty, courage and love of life.

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