Archive photos of legendary actor Willis have been shared by his daughters revealing how the man has changed

Bruce Willis Archive Photos: Here’s How The Actor Changed

As you know, the star is not only a talented and successful actor, but also a devoted and caring parent. The big man is the father of five charming daughters: the three are from his ex-wife D. Moore and the other two are from his current wife E. Hemming.

And just recently, the beautiful heiresses of the star of the film decided to share the archive photos of their father.

Here is his eldest daughter Rumer supporting her father during the filming of an action movie.

As she mentioned, her caring father always supported her and made her smile even during the hard times of her life.

His daughter Scout has posted some heartwarming photos showing her father accompanied by his three heiresses from his first marriage.

She shared her heartfelt feelings under the post saying how much she loves her dad although Willis will almost never see that.

It is worth noting that the ex of the actor and the current wives are in a warm relationship, and their daughters get along quite well.

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