A tiny rescue dog surprises shelter staff every time with his infectious smile, and he’s even been adopted because of it.

Residents of animal shelters have already understood that they can seduce owners.

To this end, some pets perform tricks. Cheech, the two-year-old dog who is the protagonist of this story, was able to find a new home with the help of someone… That adorable smile.

Cheech was found on the streets of Texas and brought to a shelter by a volunteer.

The staff noticed that the dog began to have a strange expression on his face when someone approached his crate. At first he was not sociable like afterwards.

At first we thought Cheech was laughing or growling, but he was still friendly,” recalls Leah Sheep, director of the shelter.

People couldn’t help but be touched by his friendly smile. And many people even wanted to take him home.

Shelter volunteers and staff helped him find a new family. It was not an easy task, but they were very generous and intended to carry out the adoption of the puppy at all costs.

A woman named Carrie became the owner of the dog. One of his dogs had died the day before.

When Kerry and Dusty met Cheech, it was immediately obvious to everyone that the three of them were going to get along!

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