A low-income single mother builds her own tiny house and when you look inside, you immediately want to move in

Michelle lives in Sherwood, Oregon. She works as a waitress in a cafe. In addition, his income is very low. At the same time, she had no place of her own and had to rent a room for $1,300 a month. However, she finally decided to buy a property. Moreover, it has become a permanent activity for Michelle.

As mentioned above, Michelle found herself in a very difficult position in her life. She is a single mother raising her children alone. His job is not well paid. And it was very hard work. I mean, she was really fed up. Another disadvantage in her life is that she doesn’t have her own apartment. So she has to rent an apartment.

Michelle’s only dream is to own her own house. His entire salary is used to pay the rent for the apartment and the food. In this situation, it was of course impossible to build up savings. Michelle’s situation changed when her children grew up and began to live apart. She was thus able to build up part of her salary. So she started collecting money.

She then took care of a small piece of land and bought it. She then built a miniature house there. She set up her bed on what appeared to be the ground floor, which could be reached by stairs. This time the bathrooms are combined. This means that the sink, bath and toilet are in the same room. Michelle also has a kitchen where she can cook. The comfortable living room is complete. It is equipped with two large armchairs.

This decision allowed the woman to minimize her housing costs. They used to charge $1300, but now it’s down to $55. Michele decided not to stop there. The house she built has become something of a flagship. Many locals now rely on her.

She works as a consultant and more and more houses are being built thanks to her advice. She gets money for it. It has become his job. Today, Michelle can afford to buy all kinds of things and can go on vacation like she never dreamed of before. This is how Michelle achieved success.

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