94-year-old Japanese girl has become a popular model and social media star

A 94-year-old Japanese grandmother became a social media model and had exceptional success.

Her impossibly pretty photographs caused the internet to burst and Emiko Toguchi became a desired social media star.

The elderly woman has a granddaughter, Tsinami Mori who specializes in “saori-ori”, a Japanese art of hand weaving that has been traditional for centuries.

The girl took care of Japanese weaving seven years ago and she has become a very good specialist in “saori-ori”. She began to use these ornaments in her sewn patterns.

The grandmother and her granddaughter loved each other very much and often had fun together.

One day, the idea came to Tsinami to create clothes for her grandmother, dress her in her fashionable clothes and then photograph and share on Instagram.

At first, the grandmother refused Tsiami’s proposal because she thought it was not proper behavior for an elderly woman.

But soon after, she accepted it. The idea of ​​modeling appealed to her a lot.

At first, Emiko was a little shy, but soon she got used to her role as a model.

And now she was very happy to have so many admirers supporting her by writing lots of rapturous comments.

According to Tsinami, this role helps her grandma to dissipate and stay young.

The granddaughter wanted her grandmother to be able to experience sensations that she had not experienced in her life.

“I was so happy to see how happy she was, how she blushed with pleasure. I think the grandfather follows her from the skies, ”says Tsinami on his page.

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