Young stray dog ​​who thought one of her puppies had been stolen was crying in pain

A homeless dog was found by Stephanie on the street with one of her puppies in front of her mouth.

The dog clearly wanted someone to help him, but he didn’t know what to do.

Stephanie immediately contacted the rescue team and explained the situation to them.

The team drives to where the mother dog was hiding.

Rescuers worked very carefully and were able to quickly put the dog on a leash.

They spoke to him softly, putting the whole family in their cases.

The young mother still looked scared. But the puppies were calm and gentle.

At night, the young mother did not want to be silent. Something disturbs her. The poor pup had been separated from his family and was crying all the time. There was a mistake and the puppy was returned. The puppy could be ready for adoption after an eight-week stay. The young mother and her seven children were able to live a happy, safe and healthy life thanks to the caring help of good people.

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