This 6-year-old boy managed to help his little brother so much that everyone was surprised

Meet this nice boy. He is barely 6 years old, but he is very understanding and very devoted.

By his behavior, he won the love and sympathy of many people.

His name is Harry and he has a very young brother Reuben who is an unusual child.

Reuben was born with a lot of diseases one of which is very rare is expressed with brain damage.

Only about fifteen people with this pathology have been diagnosed worldwide.

The little one also had a serious intestinal condition called Hirschsprung’s disease.

Reuben cannot be fully cured, but doctors can partially relieve symptoms.

The little one was being treated in a hospice because he could have a seizure and therefore had to be under intensive medical supervision.

And to follow such a treatment, a lot of money was needed. Harry decided to help his brother Reuben.

The six-year-old boy started walking more than 70 kilometers each time to see his sick brother and film his trip and then post the video on social media to raise funds.

Thus, the caring little boy managed to get enough money for his sick little brother.

The parents were very moved for the heroic act of their son and very grateful to all those who supported their family.

Reuben is about a year old and he can already live with his family.

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