“The parents refused because she was born without legs”: How does a girl who knows all of America live after 33 years?

Very often you can see how people complain about their life, but they don’t even realize how difficult it can be for others. And these others, despite all the difficulties, overcome them and reach unprecedented heights. Daughter Jennifer Bricker is one of the rare examples of such people. She was born without legs, so it was an incredible shock to her parents.

Not knowing what to do, they abandoned their little Jenny. But, fortunately, for another family, his disease was not such a big problem. As a result, a couple from Illinois adopted a daughter and weren’t afraid of doctors’ predictions that Jennifer might not even be able to sit up without someone’s help.

Her new parents Sharon and Gerald did not see Jenny as a person with limitations, they raised her as they would raise a normal child. But they did not forget her illness and were looking for specialists who could help their daughter. Sharon and Gerald wanted to make her prosthetic legs, but after failing to get used to them, Jennifer gave them up.

It probably helped the girl a lot that her new father and mother never focused on the fact that Jenny had no legs, and she grew up confident and even learned to move on her hands and even on her hips. How active Jennifer was as a child is indescribable and often played outdoor games with friends including basketball and volleyball.

After a while, Jenny became interested in aerial gymnastics. She was very fond of the performances of the Olympic champion Dominica Mochanu and over time she became the idol of the girls. She literally admired what the gymnast was doing, and at home Jennifer even began to repeat her movements after her, gradually learning them. Parents supported their daughter’s desire, and she began to do aerial gymnastics.

And already at the age of 10, Jennifer took part in the Youth Olympics, and at the age of 11 she finally became the state champion. She wasn’t going to stop there. Dominica Mochanu spurred her on to new accomplishments, and Jen felt like there was some kind of connection between them.

The parents then made an unthinkable statement. Jennifer’s real name is Mochanu and Dominica is her sister. After that, Jen contacted her and soon after, they became very close with each other.

The girls are of Romanian nationality and their parents are Romanian immigrants who fled to America in search of a better life. Interestingly, they were also aerial acrobats in their home country. Jen’s adoptive parents told her not to be mad at her birth parents because you can’t know exactly what happened to them.

Since the sisters reunited, Jennifer has become an incredibly successful gymnast, running her own YouTube channel, giving talks and performing around the world. Dominique is incredibly proud of her little sister. Jen got married in 2019 and has been living happily with her partner ever since.

Jennifer Bricker is an example for many people, who proves that there are no limits to achieving your goals!

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