Mum chases truck with her rescued puppies as they are taken away

Mothers do everything possible and impossible to keep their children safe. This applies to both humans and animals. An example of beautiful motherhood is the story of this dog.

A volunteer named Karlee set out to find a group of puppies she was supposed to rescue. She was informed that the puppies were hiding under the pile of wood. The pups were in danger as the scrap wood was about to be swept away and demolished. The search area was large, so urgent help from the team was needed.

Food and water were placed around the area and only a few days later the puppies decided to go outside. At first they were scared, but the volunteers managed to transport them to safety. Despite the success, the team still had a lot of work to do.

And at that moment, the only true and functional idea came to the mind of the team. Since no traps, no food, no water worked, there was only one choice – puppies.

They put the puppies in the back of a truck and drove to Carly’s. Mom dog ran every 10 minutes behind the truck! She ran to Carly’s, but she was too scared to go inside. But when she nevertheless took courage and entered the house, everything was fine from there.

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