Meet the cow that ran away from the farm to join a herd of bison.

A young cow has escaped from a farm near Bialowieza Forest, Poland. The rebel cow was found safe and sound in the middle of a herd of wild bison as her owners frantically searched for her. The sight of the animal took its owner and others who saw the cohesive herd by surprise.

Bird watcher Adam Zbyrytas posted a photo of the cow with his new friends, which caught everyone’s attention.

According to the local nature watcher, the cow probably thought it best to stay with the bison, as the bison would eventually return to the farm. This was confirmed by Rafal Kowalczyk, a mammalian expert from the Institute of Mammalogy of the Polish Academy of Sciences. He described the situation as “exceptional”.

Limousins ​​have thick coats and are adapted to harsh environments, so there are no health concerns. This helps them survive in the wild. It is winter in eastern Poland, but the mild temperatures of recent years have also contributed to their survival.

While people are excited by this story, experts warn that the situation is not favorable for the survival of the endangered European bison. Although young enough to mate now, the hybrid calf could pose a serious threat to its own life if it becomes pregnant.

Polish wildlife experts plan to remove the cow from the herd by summer, but it won’t be easy.

The longer they stay in the herd, the higher the risk,” says Kowalczyk.

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