A woman arrives home and finds a stranger sleeping on her couch.

Earlier this week, a woman arrived at her home in Hagen, Germany, and noticed something was wrong. His furniture was strewn left and right in an apparent rampage.

Indeed, his place was a total pigsty.

It turns out that while the woman was away, a wild boar managed to break into her house, where it made itself comfortable. After returning the scene, the snout intruder then settled down for a nap on the couch.

Seeing her messy new roommate left the woman shocked, to say the least.

“[Elle] quickly closed the door and called the police,” Hagen police wrote, describing the situation as “truly incredible.”

Fortunately, the boar’s comfortable stay will not last long.

When the police arrived, they managed to drag the boar – estimated to weigh around 130 pounds – outside.

“[Il] found his way safely over a fence back into the wild,” police wrote.

And with that, the boar was soon back in his place, albeit more rested than before.

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