A touching and unique friendship between two orphan animals newborn pigeon and baby rabbit who have found comfort in each other

The mysterious and beautiful nature never ceases to amaze when it comes to the special friendship of two different species. This story proves once again that love and affection have no boundaries. Sometimes two orphaned animals, who meet, find solace in each other at an orphanage in Ireland.

Their story is proof that hardships are easier to overcome together. 4-5 days have passed, when a small rabbit appeared in the shelter. A week later, a newborn baby and a weak dove appeared, which was discovered by a woman.

The others are on the ground, just hatched chicks. Luckily the chicken was unlucky as it fell. Poor animals, both weak so the staff had to put them in the incubator.

Unfortunately, there is only one incubator in the shelter, so they decided to assemble it and divide it into small walls. From that moment their special friendship began.

Bunny rabbit and pidg pigeon become inseparable friends who find warmth and comfort in each other’s company. Flightless pigeon Herman and walking Chihuahua dog Lundy fell in love and are now best friends.

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