A secret kept under the roots of the centuries-old tree has been revealed after a terrible storm

Natural disasters cause a lot of damage and loss in our planet.

Hurricanes, earthquakes accompany humanity everywhere and all the time.

But this coming storm revealed something amazing, which surprised the Irish villagers a lot.

This dreadful hurricane uprooted an old tree, a mighty beech tree that had big deep roots.

And in the roots, people discovered a skeleton.

It was obvious that these human remains had been lying here for centuries.

Examination by experts turned out that the skeleton found inside the rhizome belonged to a young man between 18 and 24 years old who died due to injuries received by sharp instruments.

The human remains were taken to the radiocarbon dating lab and it turned out that these bones belonged to a man living about 1000 years before us.

To reveal the nationality of the perished man, it will be necessary to accomplish an enormous work, to discover several archives, to study the routes of the peoples living in this territory.

And if scientists are successful, they might be able to uncover new secrets about ancient humans living nearby.

And for that, it will be necessary to dig to find tools, utensils and other objects that will tell a lot about the history of this period.

Archaeologists are doing everything possible to discover everything necessary about this archaeological find.

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