A kind ostrich helped an orphan elephant by comforting him and they became best friends at the animal sanctuary

We are often amazed by the unexpected friendships between animals in the wild.

These beautiful and kind animals have the ability to love and comfort, just like people.

Meet Choco, a young elephant, and Pearl, an ostrich, who have formed a special bond at the Elephant Sanctuary where they first met.

He was only a month old when volunteers rescued the young elephant.

He had another chance in life. Sanctuary staff quickly discovered two newborn ostrich chicks, one named Pearl, and took them to the facility where the baby elephant was being cared for.

No one could have predicted how well they would get along and even develop a friendship. The little animals here have had a new life. Here the new friendship blossomed.

Choco always had Pearl by her side, and she comforted and loved him in a way that the handsome young elephant needed.

Their compassionate connection was what got them both through.

Pearl and Choco were best friends and spent all their time together.

The ostrich began to believe it was part of the elephant herd after spending its days there.

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